Olivier Rasir
Olivier Rasir

Upcoming Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 24 July – 6 August 2018

Opening Launch 6pm – 8pm Thursday 26 July 2018

 Artworks available to view in Sydney

Olivier Rasir was born in Belgium in 1973. He moved to Australia in 1995 and began painting and drawing in 2004.

Olivier explores colour, abstract form and composition. His work is described as contemporary, colorist, expression; Art Historian Robyn Martin-Weber enthuses over his “lyrical hand”.

Olivier is a very physical painter. Working swiftly with insightful ability, he is developing a distinctive technique – spontaneous, responsive abstract. Emotion is transformed using linear rhythms and arresting colours into gesturally charged compositions. Olivier’s transportive work, ranges from fluid, subtle harmonies that reveal a rare ethereal tenderness, through to refreshingly effortless vibrant strengths.

At this early stage of his artistic career, Olivier demonstrates notable technical ability and great intuition. While still developing his painterly vocabulary, the strength and content of these commanding works demonstrate strong foundations of a long and solid career ahead.

Olivier’s artwork is held in private and corporate collections in Australia, U.S.A, U.K and Belgium.

Olivier Rasir: Omnia 2017


Artist Statement

“Who, who would be you”, Olivier Rasir

I had prepared my new board, and it was waiting. Then I re-read some writing I had made in my late 20s. It was full of a dawning of awareness of an energetic connection between everything. There was a line that struck me “you who could be you”. I began painting choosing colours that I felt were expressions of my feelings of being, alive, strong and powerful. This line became “Who, who would be you?”, as I began asking the work repeatedly to be. “Who, who would be you” was the question and became the answer.

“Who, who would be you”, describes ‘l’humanite cerebrale’. Lyrical movements that appear to be writings, a flow of dialogue, thoughts of travel, imaginings, calculations – the alchemy of numbers has meaning for me.

This work is a merge of two styles of painting language. An early style that had a raw physical, innocence, and a more recent style wherein I am able to be in and stay in, intuitive flow.

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Recent Works – Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Australia
2009 Primary – Brandling Street Studios, Alexandria, Australia

Group Exhibitions

2011 Open To The Landscape – Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Australia
2011 Christmas Show – Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Australia
2010 Summer Show – Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Australia
2009 Seasonal Show – Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay, Australia


Vogue Living, The Sydney Morning Herald, Style, The Daily Telegraph, Trends, Home,
The Human Rights Defender, Australia

  • Television

France 24 (Cable TV) – Personalities, France


We see a lot of contemporary art and the more art you see, the more you are likely to choose good from mediocre. Since buying a large painting from Olivier Rasir, we have seen a number of his other works and believe that the excellent technique and quality of them is maintained throughout.
– Prue Allen, former President of The New South Wales Art Gallery Society

I am so captivated by your artworks because I when I look at them I can see and feel a pure light, beauty and innocence that I have only experienced in certain moments while traveling overseas or in nature where I’ve been surrounded by incredible natural beauty.
I’ve seen lots of beautiful artworks by truly gifted artists, but none that have captured this special in-between space, that cannot be experienced through desire and that cannot be held on to for longer than a moment….Through your paintings, I can touch this space and I feel so much joy in my heart as I do.
– Beverly Culpper, art collector

J’aime la spontanéite, le mouvement et le geste fort dans le travail d’Olivier. Le fait qu’Olivier soit autodidacte est important a mes yeux, c’est pour cette raison qu’ il peint vrai. Olivier est un artiste authentique et il peint donc comme il respire. C’est ce qui est important.
– Alain Bronckart, Director, Curator Galerie Doutreloux, Liege, Belgium

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