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Leanne Thomas



Leanne Thomas is a Sydney based artist known for her floral oil paintings. Previously an art director in the advertising world, Leanne’s practice grew from a desire to express her love of nature, classical art and beauty. Ultimately, Leanne is committed to creating art that exudes light, life and hope in a way that might resonate with every viewer.

Songs of Light and Shade – 2018

This work was birthed out of a place I had visited before – some photos taken years ago – taken at the end of the day in the last rays of light – dimly lit. The hydrangea heads themselves were weeks old – somehow it made the colours richer deeper. These paintings are ‘the songs’ that have emerged, I think with renewed energy and sharper focus than when I first visited them. The purpose was to dig more gold from ground I thought I’d fully mined – to find more beauty more life and new ‘melodies’ – to bring a fresh offering to the present.

The papery thin paint layers are attentively built up over weeks and months. An under painting is worked up and sits beneath the layers of transparent and opaque paint until the desired colour and effect is attained. The process of building sound art only adds more meaning to the finished piece. – Leanne Thomas 2018

Selected Exhibitions

2018 –  Solo Exhibition Songs of Light and Shade, Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney
2017 – Solo Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney
2015 – Solo Exhibition In the cool of the day, Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay
2012 – Three Artists, Four Seasons, Mary Place Gallery Paddington
2011 – Primavera, Group Show, Iain Dawson Gallery Paddington
2011 – Group Show, Iain Dawson Gallery Paddington
2010 – Groups Show, All Hand Made Gallery, Waverley
2008 – Two Artists (opened by Gwyn Hanssen Pigott) , All Hand Made Gallery, Waverley
2007 – Group Show, All Hand Made Gallery, Waverley
2006 – Group Show, All Hand Made Gallery, Waverley
2005 – Final Year Students Exhibition, Pyrmont
2002 – 04 The Charlie Sheard Studio School, Redfern


Private Collections in Sydney, Los Angeles, Auckland and Jerusalem

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