Janice Liley
Janice Liley

Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 31 October – 13 November 2017

Born in England near the Lake District, Janice lived and worked in Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand and back in England before settling in Sydney and the N.S.W. Southern Highlands.

While living in Bangkok, she completed a City & Guild Diploma in Textile Art which was heavily influenced by her travels to neighbouring Cambodia and Laos as well as to the hill tribes in northern Thailand and China, with all their rich traditions of silk weaving.

On returning to live in England, she completed a foundation diploma in Fine Arts at Cheltenham School of Art, and built on that by taking a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the National Art School in Sydney.

As for all serious artists, Janice’s oeuvre has changed and developed over time, as she explores her pre-occupations, her muses and her interests. Her last body of works drew inspiration from the ancient Greek story of Persephone and her mother Demeter. The story not only provided an explanation for the change of seasons to ancient societies but also highlights the impermanent nature of existence. We – says Janice – are forced to deal and come to terms with changes throughout life, such changes we choose but most just happen, life is in a constant uncontrollable flux; a never ending circle of renewal.

She has exhibited in several group and solo shows and her work appears in both private and public collections.



Caelum is a Latin word used to describe a ‘divine spacial abstraction’ more commonly known as Mount Olympus; the heavenly abode and home of the gods. As a representation of space, caelum is just one of the components of the mundus, the ‘world’ or cosmos, along with terra (earth), mare (sea), and aer (air). It is also where the English word celestial is derived.

This body of work is wrought from a combination and culmination of my own experiences of a personal ‘divine spatial abstraction’: a personal private place I seek to enter every day I visit my studio. Drawing inspiration from all components of the ‘mundus’; terra; mare; and aer, I hope to have imbued my work with their celestial characteristics.



Land, Sky and Water

‘Land, Sky and Water’ is an attempt to communicate my inner experiences and connect them to the outside world.

Light, shade, colour; their plays, interactions and patterns provide a myriad of outward experiences that make up our daily lives, yet seldom do we remember them beyond the fleeting moment of discovery. However such experiences become etched in the memory and create a sense of familiarity which continues to pervade the consciousness, waiting to be drawn upon when such moments are provoked once again by similar experiences.

Sunrises, evening skies, nocturnal preambles feed the soul, nurture the spirit, and provide quiet moments for gentle reflection, and although we do not always acknowledge the significance of those experiences, old thoughts which once fed the mind are rediscovered, re-examined and again placed back far beyond reach. My Art is an accumulation of rediscovered, re-examined experiences assembled together in well shaped and organised forms. Drawing from the pantheon of Art history I have taken from the best and created my own voice in order to build my own world around me – my private sense of the familiar.


Persephone’s Journey

This series of paintings highlights the story of Persephone and Demeter. Persephone was betrothed to Hades, by Zeus ruler of all gods. However, unable to wait until the young girl came of age he kidnaps Persephone and returns with her to the underworld. Upon hearing of her daughter’s abduction, Demeter plunges the world into a darkness where nothing could grow. Only with the intervention of Zeus was a compromise struck; Persephone was to spend four months of the year with Hades while for the rest she was allowed to return to earth to be with her mother.

This story of Persephone and Demeter not only provided an explanation for the change of seasons to ancient societies but also highlights the impermanent nature of existence. We as humans are forced to deal and come to terms with changes -some unwanted -throughout life. Such changes we choose but some just happen, life is in a constant uncontrollable flux; a never ending circle of death and renewal.

Academic Record

1995 Creative Studies. Part One
Embroidery skills, Opus School of Textile Art. London UK.
2002 Creative Studies. Part Two
Embroidery Skills, City and Guilds of the London Institute.
2004 BTEC Diploma
Foundation Studies (Art and Design).
University of Gloucester. UK
2007 Batchelor of Fines Arts, painting major.
National Art School, Sydney, Australia.


1995 Graduation Show, Bedford College, Regent’s Park, London UK
2000 Textile Art Exhibition, Harrogate, UK
2001 Textile Art Exhibition, Ascot UK
2002 Graduation show, Museum of London UK.
2003 Hill End Farm Drawing Art Prize finalist, Broadway, Glo. UK.
2004 Graduation Show University of Gloucester, UK
2005 Drawing Week, Cell Block Theatre NAS. Sydney Australia
2006 Drawing Week Cell Block Theatre NAS. Sydney Australia
2007 Graduation Show NAS Sydney Australia
2009 Defiance Gallery, Sydney Australia
2011 Fort Knox Studio, Bowral, NSW.
2014 Depot II Gallery, Dank St.,Sydney. NSW

2015 Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, NSW

2016 ‘Caelum’ at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, NSW


The Encyclopeadia Of Machine Embroidery.
Val Holmes, Batford, UK, 2004
Inside Out Magazine Nov/Dec 2009
Country Style Magazine Nov. 2009
Country Style Magazine Jan. 20100


Private: Australia. UK. USA. Germany
Public: Australia. St Vincent’s Hospital. Sydney


2006 St Vincent’s Hospital Award

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