Regina Noakes
Regina Noakes

Upcoming Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 30 October  – 12 November 2018

Regina Noakes is a significant Australian artist, who has won many art awards including the Gold Medal Lorenzo Medici the City of Florence and selected as a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Award exhibition. Regina participated in the Europe 2001 Florence Biennale, London Celebrations Jubilee Arts 2002 and 2003 in Chicago. Regina’s paintings are represented in numerous private, corporate and public collections around the world, including The British Government Art Collection, Ministry of Water Resources, Sultanate of Oman, Fulham Palace, London, The Singapore Economic Board, Singapore and the University of Cambridge.

Regina is a full time artist living in Western Australia. She studied at the Art Students League, Boston, MA, USA; Institute of Education, Singapore, Dip.T. in art and music; Licenciate of Music, Australia; Associate of Music Australia; studied painting / assistant to Professor Antonio Napoli, Capri, Italy.

Regina has been teaching painting and given workshops at Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia since 2005. She has recently been invited to teach at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Regina has held over forty solo exhibitions in Australia, Italy, USA and Malaysia.

In My Own Place

In this exhibition I am exploring relationships, interaction and intimacy. The paintings have evolved slowly and seem to be brighter with much more colour.

Intense travel as a child, and now, all supplement my memory, feed the imagination and metamorphose into my paintings.

Childhood, dreams, animals (especially cats) and collections of my pottery are preoccupations. Romanesque and Mughal influences permeate my paintings and come from my family background.

Painting for this exhibition has been a lovely experience, combining imaginary narrative compositions and still life. The paintings should speak for themselves. The faces that look out of the paintings, and their eyes, I hope will communicate with the onlooker, tell a story and even evoke memories. – Regina Noakes

Edge to Edge 

The paintings in this exhibition claim and affirm the qualities of gentleness, vulnerability, peace, memories and fun. Every person figure carries with them their own story. The paintings are a record of feelings and incidents that I have recorded in my mind and now in my paintings.


Then and Now

My recent works are reticent portrait style paintings…..figures are drawn from photos, incidents in life and sometimes historical images. I paint about the studio, the kitchen, the artist, childhood memories, and family. Most of my figures are female.

So imaginative and observational elements co-exist in each work.

The figures emerge from darkish backgrounds and sometimes they are dancing or playing. But mostly they are doing something unremarkable, lost in their own thoughts. The figures tend to bear no sense of time but I try to portray a slightly disturbing psychological presence. I like to feel that the gaze of the image lingers in my memory after I have moved away from the painting, slightly mysterious, making you wonder what the images are about.

I come from a family where there are several writers. But I am not a writer and I paint what I cannot write. My paintings are not there to be interpreted rather they are the possibility of anything and everything. They are about a feeling that you cannot place….the sense of a person or a place, from the past to the present. – Regina Noakes

‘Her paintings can be categorizes into observed and imaginative works. They convey a considerable range of emotions and complex psychological states in figurative compositions that are notable for their pared down power. Often there is a sense of drama emanating from an interior space. The figures in her painting look out at the world with stares that seem to reach beyond the viewer into some other and much greater space. The quality of the gazes contributes to the spiritual power of the works. They are hypnotic and at the same time contain a sense of reverie. There are many moments of drama as subtly laden with emotional undercurrents as a scene in one of Ibsen’s plays, encapsulated in a single image. Her paintings are as much about looking away from something, and trying to retain its reality in the mind’s eye, as they are about actually looking. ‘ – Maurice Taplinger, New York

Selected Exhibitions

September – Solo Exhibition ‘Edge to Edge’ at Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney

October – Solo Exhibition Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney

June – Solo Exhibition Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney

September – Exhibition in Florence, Italy
November – Solo Exhibition in Perth, Gadfly Gallery (9th solo exhibition at Gadfly Gallery)

‘Quartet’ Redhill Gallery, Brisbane
Masters and Artists of Today, Galeria Tondinelli, Rome
Museo d’Arte, Chianciano Terme, Sienna,Italy
Posh Auction, Sydney
Finalist Mandorla Art Award, Perth

Biennale of Chianciano
‘Four Seasons’, Barcelona Showcase, Spain
‘Women artists and their Landscape’, Kuala Lumpur
Perth Concert Hall
2009 Cossack Art Prize, Western Australia
Three Arts Club, Chicago, Illinois
2008 Perth Concert Hall
Posh Auction, Sydney
2007 Portia Geach Memorial Award exhibition, Sydney
Garrison Arts Centre, NY
Friedrichstrausse Art Centre, Berlin
Galerie Seyffert-Stahl, Berlin
Deck Chair Theatre Auction, Perth
Posh Auction, Sydney
Australian High Commission New Delhi
Singapore Art Festival
Sydney Art Fair


Four Australian Visual Arts grants
Finalist 2011 Leonardo Award
3rd Prize, Biennale of Chianciano
Finalist Cossack Art Prize
Feature artist for 2011 Cystic Fibrosis Exhibition, WA
2009 Cowra Regional art prize
Cossack Art Prize
2007 Portia Geach Memorial Award
First Prize Manhattan Arts Exhibition
2003 Lorenzo Medici gold medal 4th prize
Florence Biennale
Manhattan Arts Exhibition, NY winner 2002, 2003
Rotary Club of Armadale
Award for Outstanding Performance and Contribution to Art
Perpetual Trophy, WA Society of Art (overall winner 1998,1997) BankWest Open Exhibition (2nd prize 1998)
Westpac Redlands Art Prize (1998)
BankWest Open Exhibition (highly commended 1997)
Sir Charles Gairdner Art Prize (1997)


The British Government Art Collection
Sting MBE
Eric Clapton, London and Bahamas (15 paintings)
Royal College of Music, London
Fulham Palace, London
University of Cambridge
University of Norwich
University of London
Ministry of Water Resources, Sultanate of Oman
Singapore Economic Board
Jean and Charles Schultz Information Centre, SSU, California Brunswick Corporation, Illinois
Visual Arts Centre, Eastern Washington University
WomanMade Inc. Chicago
Atelier International, New York
Perth Electoral Commission
Toyota Australia
Data Analysis Australia
Hilton Hotel, Brisbane
Women’s Aid Abroad, Malaysia
Balya Cancer Foundation, Perth
Evans and Tate Wineries
Best Western Palms Resort, Broome
Hale Boys Grammar School, Perth
Methodist Ladies College, Perth

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