Paul McIntyre
Paul McIntyre

Paul McIntyre was born in Melbourne and lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Paul studied graphic design and advertising at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and worked as a sculptor for ten years in wire, steel and timber, before extending his artistic mediums to pursue a painting career in 2011. Since then, he has had select group and solo exhibitions in Melbourne.

Paul’s paintings offer the viewer an escape from reality; he is inspired by the patterns and chaos of the natural world and takes inspiration in the freedom of his children’s drawings which are not constrained by rules or conformity. Often his pieces depict a dreamlike landscape, and as such his artworks take the viewer on a journey through an imagined world to find hidden figurative elements and personal meaning.


“I’m never really sure what I’m trying to achieve in painting until I see it. I like the simplicity of ancient art, the giddiness of Arabian mosaic and the story telling in really good illustrations.

Perhaps I’m ambitiously trying to recreate the feeling of discovering a beautiful beach, forest, rock pool, desert or seabed for the first time. So I create a new, colourful, slightly surreal, slightly dreamy version of the real world to discover.

I splash the paint on, scrape it back, try new colours, make mistakes, paint over bits, layer after layer until something emerges. There is very little method to how I paint, only persistence. It certainly would be easier (and quicker) if there was a method, however the predictability could get dull after a while (for me and the viewer).

When I stand back and look at my paintings I feel like I can transport myself into the world that I have created. It’s almost like I’m wearing virtual reality goggles. I can look around the world within the painting and feel relaxed, calm, not rushed. There is a pleasant feeling of solitude, colour is everywhere, the time of day is ambiguous (being both day and night) and flowers and clouds float and drift around me.”- Paul McIntyre

b. 1973 Melbourne

Bachelor of Arts, RMIT Melbourne
Studied under Cheryl Moffitt, John Archer, Ngaire Johansen


2018 Solo Exhibition Utopia, Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney
2017 Group exhibition, Art Red Hill, Red Hill
2017 Solo exhibition, Manyung gallery, Malvern
2017 Solo exhibition, Manyung gallery, Mt Eliza
2016 Group exhibition, Bayside art show, Sandringham yacht club
2016 Group exhibition, Derinya art show, Frankston South
2016 Group exhibition, Campberwell art show, Swinburne University
2016 Group exhibition, Members show, Oakhill Gallery, Mornington
2015 Group exhibition, Art Red Hill, Red Hill
2015 Solo exhibition, Oakhill gallery, Mornington
2015 Group exhibition, Manyung gallery, Mt Eliza
2015 Group exhibition, “Little Archies”, Oakhill gallery
2014 Group exhibition, “The Simple Truth”, Cube 37, Frankston
2014 Group exhibition, Somers art fair, Somers
2014 Group exhibition, Art Red Hill, Red Hill
2014 Solo exhibition, Frankston Arts Centre, Frankston

Works held in private collections throughout Australia and America.


2018 Winner of the Elgee Park Art Prize at the 2018 Flinders Art Show
2016 Highly commended, Members show, Oakhill galley
2014 2nd Prize, “The Simple Truth”, Group show, Cube 37, Frankston
2014 Best in show, Somers art fair, Somers

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