Brett Mickan

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Known for his use of colour, and signature infusion of beautiful vintage finds. It brings Brett Mickan the greatest pleasure to marry contemporary families with period architecture in a way that is aesthetically beautiful, liveable, functional and original.

How would you describe your signature style?

I have had a vast and style-informing experience across multifaceted aspects of design including film, theatre, exhibitions, yacht interiors, commercial and residential interiors. This experience has formed a considered design aesthetic. I take each client, their architecture and functional needs and combine them into a unique whole; creating interiors that speak to the personality of the homes and the people who occupy them.

Art can transform a space: What are your tips for selecting artworks?

Select art that speaks to you and buy originals. If you can’t afford the large works or big names, go to art shows for up and coming artists or buy smaller pieces or limited prints. Never buy art just to match your interior or to fill a space. A minimal interior with one small original will be far more impressive than a colour matched sofa sized print.

What are your thoughts on 'salon hangs'? How do you create the perfect salon hang?

I am a veracious art collector and I don’t live in a gallery sized home, so I have several salon hangs, which I love. I like to balance the colour and texture with architectural finishes, furniture and fabrics. Art should be hung to focus the eye; for example, in an open plan living room, hang art over and down to the seating area. Don’t forget the negative space, this is very important to help make the art the focus. The aim is to highlight the work, so covering every space in the room can do the opposite and make the art feel less important.

How has your style evolved over the years?

My design is drawn from my visual library, so the more I travel, the more clients I meet and the more architecture I view, the more I have to draw from when designing. I’ve never believed in filler pieces. I always need a reference or purpose for each element and with experience I have become more adept at this. Nothing makes me happier than making contradictory elements in a design feel in harmony, yet always with a bit of visual tension or contrast to give a space that little bit of spice.