Lina Kay
Lina Kay

Upcoming Exhibition Naked at Art2Muse Gallery 28 January – 10 February 2025



Lina Kay is a mixed media and abstract artist from Sydney, Australia. Lina has been working in the arts industry for the last 14 yrs and likes to specialise in mixed media and breaking the traditions of art.

Some artists create art to escape reality, I create art to accept it. You have no choice but to be grateful when you see pieces of your life in art form” Lina Kay

Lina Kay’s inspiration behind her latest series Small Hours is in finding the gift, the beauty and the joy within the sorrow. She sought inspiration from the poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran from his poem “Joy and Sorrow” and how you cannot have one without the other. Every piece in the series represents a time in her life and her journey  thus far. Lina wanted to create a series that was relatable and that truly connects us all on a human level.

There is something extremely powerful about those hours after midnight. There is a loneliness yet peacefulness, calmness and stillness about the night that I have learnt to appreciate.” Lina Kay 2023




Solo Exhibition The Peak of Elegance at Art2Muse Gallery, Woollahra, Sydney