Kean Onn See
Kean Onn See

Exhibition Making Tracks  at Art2Muse Gallery 22 January – 4 February 2019

Launch 6pm – 8pm Thursday 24 January 2019

Kean Onn See’s art practice involves meticulous hand-carving and painting on woodblock. His process requires a considerable amount of time and a skill set that combines both technical ability and creativity.

Primarily self-taught, Kean Onn has been pursuing his passion of wood carving and painting since 2015. Making Tracks follows Kean Onn’s journey over the past few years as he has developed and mastered his wood carving technique.

Kean Onn first draws his images onto plywood with pencil, before carving out the lines with engraving tools. The carving process is always performed with extreme care as with all engraving, a wrong move could spell the end of an artwork. The carved woodblock is then lightly sanded before it is painted with four to five thin layers of an acrylic wash, staining the surface gradually while retaining the natural grain of the wood. Each piece takes up to 12 months to complete.

Because of the nature of woodcutting, the tone of the wooden panel, and how shadows are cast on the painting when illuminated, the colour and depth of the painting appear to change ever so slightly when viewed from different angels.

In 2018 Kean Onn was a finalist in the prestigious Mosman Art Prize judged by the acclaimed Australian artist Cressida Campbell.

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