Christine Webb
Christine Webb

Upcoming Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 19 March – 1 April 2019

Launch 6pm – 8pm Thursday 21 March 2019

Artworks available to view in Sydney

Christine Webb is a multi-disciplined artist who divides her time between her studios in Italy and Sydney. Internal spaces and personal items are captured in vibrant yet calming works. Christine’s intense play of colour and light passages create strong compositional works of balance and harmony.

Christine studied at Sydney College of the Arts, and her career has followed many different avenues such as magazine design and publishing, photography and journalism. Having worked full time on her art practice over the past 15 years, Christine has exhibited both in Australia and internationally.

“My first point of reference will be the season and place. Objects, bottles and flowers will be arranged to create the composition and then the intense scrutiny of light and colour commences until the work is achieved. Abstract works will pay homage to an admired artist, the remembered chaos of place or a gestural play of colour rhythms. I’ve studied colour theory for many years, and having had the great fortune to visit many of the world’s art museums. I feel that I have developed a love of works that can be enjoyed in intimate spaces while still achieving a pleasing effect from great distance. While I work within a figurative framework, the results have a play of abstraction.” – Christine Webb

Christine’s work appears in both private and corporate collections worldwide.

Immersion/Visual Conversation

In her signature style of abstract figurative painting, Christine’s vibrant and warm interiors come to life through her playful yet considered use of colour and perspective.

Immersion/Visual Conversation was created in Christine’s Italian studio, located in the medieval village of Citerna which has been her second home for over 15 years has been. The series is a direct response to her experience of learning a new language through complete immersion in a new country and culture. Her Italian was learned through observation of locals in the nearby piazza, which much like her paintings, is abstract and colourful. Each painting in the series evokes the personality of the lively European village at the magic hour of dusk, where the yellowing warmth of the interiors converses with the brilliant blue of the evening.

“Just as people relate to each other, I am fascinated by the relationships of colour, patterns and shapes that I see. I watch their gestures, work out who is related to whom and listen to the cadences. In painting, I move towards abstraction while retaining the figurative start to the visual conversation.” – Christine Webb

As well as combining the figurative with the abstract, Christine explores the passage of light and how it falls on her subjects. A semi-abstract patchwork of intense greens and raw umber browns represents the stunning view from her studio window, endless fields that change colour at different times of the day. Clear and coloured Italian oil and grappa bottles that Christine has been collecting over the years, are depicted in her saturated still life compositions where various liquids refract light and distort the external imagery.


Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, May 2018

Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, May 2017

Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, May 2016

Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, May 2015

Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney, September 2014

Accelerator Gallery, Culture at Work Pyrmont, Sydney, March 2014

Bridget McDonnell Hampton Gallery, Melbourne, October 2013

Palazzo Gherandi, Dentro Fuori, Exhibition with Tom Duguid, Sansepolcro, Italy, 2013

Depot Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, NSW, Solo exhibition INNER WORKINGS, 2013

Gingko Gallery, Glebe, group show, December 14 2012- January 16 2013

Greenhill Galleries, North Adelaide

Exhibition with Christabel Blackman, June 17 – July 10, 2012 alumNOW Group Exhibition, Lavender Bay Gallery, North Sydney, 2012.

Salerno Gallery, There and Here, Solo Exhibition, Glebe Sydney. March 5-18, 2012

Palazzo Pretorio A Touch of Colour, Solo Exhibition Sansepolcro, Italy. September 2011

Chiostro San Agostino Sense of Colour, Exhibition with Tom Duguid, Cortona, Italy, 2010

Palazzo Pretorio A Shadow Colour, Solo Exhibition, Sansepolcro, Italy, May 2010


ANTIPODES GALLERY, Solo Exhibition, Sorrento, Victoria, 1998


Rosebud Hospital, Victoria

Corporate Collection Abu Dhabi

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