Dorryce Rock
Dorryce Rock

Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 6 – 19 March 2018

Artworks available to view in Sydney

Sydney based artist, Dorryce Rock, creates organic, luminous and sculptural paintings that reflect her ongoing fascination with nature, colour and form.

Dorryce works with a variety of media on Perspex and canvas to develop bold and exciting outcomes, revolving around the chemistry of poured colours and pigments and sculptural materials. She is drawn to the surprising results of teasing the fluid with the static, and observing their relationship.

The influence of nature and form emerge within each piece to form the abstract language of the painting and the challenge for the artist is to lead it to a rich creative outcome.

This outcome is boldly achieved in Dorryce’s latest exhibition – a collection of sculptural paintings on canvas, cased in light-reflecting Perspex boxes. The works entice sensory engagement due to their three-dimensional facets, blurring the line between sculpture and painting as edges blend into one another creating new textures and experiences.

View Dorryce Rock’s 2016 exhibition Sculptural Play at Art2Muse Gallery

A former events designer, Dorryce has transitioned into painting in 2005. Recently Dorryce has been experimenting with a variety of new media and developing fresh ideas revolving around the chemistry of poured colours and pigments producing colourful and muted abstract images. Her pallet is rich and full of life leaping off the Perspex base, her work takes pride across a range of residential and commercial projects.

“I’ve always been fascinated with Perspex, I love it,” she says. “I love the luminosity and the fact that it’s so contemporary” comments Dorryce.

Dorryce has previously worked with fashion designer Kit Willow Podgornik to produce and oeuvre of work inspired by Willow’s ‘Eclipse’ collection.

Dorryce Rock’s 2014 exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery


Selected Exhibitions

2016 ‘Sculptural Play’ at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay

2015  ‘All That Glitters’ at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay

2014  ‘Liquid Poetry’ at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay

2013  Rex Livingston Gallery, Darlinghurst

2013  Art Hamptons, New York

2012  Rex Livingston Gallery, Darlinghurst

2011  Danks Street Depot, Waterloo

2010 Collaboration with Willow, Melbourne

2009  Danks Street Depot, Waterloo


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