Yanni Souvatzoglou
Yanni Souvatzoglou

A Greek from Constantinople and son of a cotton fabric merchant, Yanni Souvatzoglou’s talent was passed on to him by his mother who was a portrait painter. From a very young age, Yanni started experimenting with fabric paintings and moved into graphic design where he became familiar with industrial photographic reproductions developing almost three-dimensional images.

His graphic arts skills served as a platform for his sculptural structures.

At the same time, Yanni studied Art under the supervision of Prof. P. Tetsis in Athens. Influenced mainly by the Minoan and Cycladic era, he often manages to evoke such images in his concepts. Since 1980, he has been running an atelier for multiple techniques and art applications. However, he has not quit design and many corporations have trusted his creative imagination.

His art is collected worldwide. He has participated in major shows and been awarded prizes for several pieces of his work. Yanni through the years has received worldwide recognition, participating in the OECD’s art auction in Paris 2013, exhibiting in Toyamura museum of Arts 2003, winning the national exhibition prize in Athens by the Greece Ministry of Culture in 1982 for the sculpture ‘Eros’ and more.

Through a long and prolific career in sculpture, Yanni never stops experimenting with materials and a variety of styles, lines and forms in his works. Every so often, he tries the aims of different artistic trends that are of interest to him, both conceptually and formalistically.

He is intensely influenced by the Cycladic and the Etruscan art, especially in the use of figures as he consistently elongates the human figure and he deforms it through elimination. He draws mythological and historic elements from the Minoan civilization as well as from the whole history and tradition of both Ancient and Modern Greece. What makes Yanni’s sculpture unique is its immediacy and the way it reflects classical and timeless concepts and values through a simple and viewer-friendly work.

Most of his works are anthropocentric. He uses the human figure alone or along with other elements breaking scale rules and logical truth. Here we should note the presence of surrealistic elements that aim to underline symbolism. Another characteristic element of his art is the movement that comes like a drive from within the sculpture as well as the physical movement that he incorporates in some of his works like in the sculpture ‘The Runners’. Many times, he tries to find sculptural solutions for the alternative installation of works in different places like walls, shelves, ceilings and more. In general, there is a flexibility regarding the display and placement of his sculptures.

He could be described as an Optimistic Artist. Through his works, he manages to pose a deeper philosophical question while providing the answer at the same time. He likes to share his personal view and his great artistic and social experience.


Selected Exhibitions

2017 Austria, Sierning – Mobile Gallery / Zentrale Raifferisenbank

2015 France, Antibes – Galerie Municipale Les Bains Douches

2015 Austria, Linz – Mobile Gallery – Airport Linz / Group Exhibition

2014 France, Paris  – OECD War on Hunger Group 50 th Anniversary – Auction of Contemporary works of art in aid of the Group (Catch the Bull)

2012 Greece, Athens – Sofitel Athens / Solo Exhibition

2012 Greece, Athens – 18th World Olympic Collectors Fair / Zappeio Megaron

2012 Australia, Sydney – Art2Muse Yanni Souvatzoglou & Felicia Aroney / Duo Exhibition

2011 Denmark, Skagen – Galleri BO / Solo Exhibition

2010 Greece, Athens – Technopolis, Hellenic National exhibition by The Hellenic Chamber Of Arts / “Human Form”.

2009 Greece, Hydra – The Hellenic Chamber οf Arts / Group Exhibition, “Ύδατα‘’.

2008 Austria, Linz – Cultural Center Hörsching

2006 Austria, Linz – Cultural Center Hörsching

2005 USA Louisiana, Alexander University – Solo exhibition

2003 Japan, Toyamura – International Sculpture Biennale

2002 France, Lyon – 115th Salon International de Printemps, Palais Municipal

2002 France, Saint-Tropez – Salon International des Artistes Contemporains

1996 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – Private space / Solo Exhibition

1987 Greece, Athens – Hellenic National Biennale

1986 UK Waterside Southport – Municipal Building / Solo Exhibition

1981 Greece, Athens – 23th Hellenic National Ceramic Exhibition

1968, South Africa, Johannesburg – National Ceramic Exhibition

1966 Greece, Athens  – Vacalo Art & Design College – Degree presentation

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