Verity Roberts
Verity Roberts

Upcoming Exhibition ‘Our Unique Land’ at Art2Muse Gallery 19 February – 4 March 2019

Launch 6pm – 8pm Thursday 21 February 2019

Artworks available to view in Sydney

Verity Roberts

Verity Roberts paints primarily in encaustic; an ancient technique which she initially taught herself from the internet. Verity has since attended many workshops and encaustic conferences in the US where the medium was brought into significance by Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg.

Verity adds additional media such as wax pencils, crayons, digital print transfers and inks.  Her earlier career was as a film set decorator. This incredible medium allows one to be drawn to the opaque and translucent qualities of layering the wax that dominate the encaustic technique.  Whether smooth and translucent or thickly textural, the wax makes an emotionally charged surface.

Her inspiration embodies mostly her travels – her travelscapes – recollections both vivid and vague built over time.  Each painting with its complex layered surface aims to elicit a response: reshaping its own new history.

She spends time in San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mexico where she is represented by Calderoni Studio in Fábrica La Aurora.  She exhibits in Sydney and is collected here and internationally.


Our Unique Land

This body of work has drawn on Australia for inspiration – its landscape, ancient heritage and the very uniquenss of our fauna. The big and wide starry skies filled with thousands of cockatoos and the tiny marsupial hopping mouse burrowing into our huge brown land. All of this is represented in my encaustic paintings through layering and transparency, giving the viewer a sense of times passed and the very uniqueness we are lucky enough to live with.



The word encaustic means ‘to burn in’ – it comes from the Greek word ‘enakiein’ – which is the process of fusing paint. The earliest beeswax paintings on record are the Fayum protraits of Greco-Roman Egypt about 2000 years old. They were beautiful mummy protraits, some are hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They are still as beautiful and bright as they were when painted. Before that the Grecian shipbuilders applied coatings of beeswax and resin to the hulls of their ships to waterproof them. With the addition of pigments to the wax they created the painted warships that Homer wrote about in his saga. It was then refined so that it could be used to paint portraits on panels that were attached to the mummies.

In the encaustic process pigmented beeswax mixed with dammar resin is applied and then fused to a surface with heat. The result is a broad range of surface effects and luminous translucency that is unique to the encaustic process. The medium melts at
180 degrees F and is incredibly stable unless of course it is hung over a heater or in the direct sunlight, neither of which you would any artwork!

It can be used as a luminous traditional painting medium. It also has the potential to obscure the boundaries between mediums like no other art material, resulting in works that are as much about painting or sculpture as they are about photography, drawing, printmaking and installation.

Jasper Johns is one of the most famous encaustic practitioners. Also Diego Rivera used encaustic in Mexico in the 1920’s in some of his murals. Since Jasper Johns there has been a revival of the medium -mainly in the US.


2006    Primrose Park Cremorne
2008    Washhouse Gallery, Rozelle
2008    National Grid, Dee Why
2009    Breathing Colours, Balmain (September)
2009    Breathing Colours, Balmain (December)
2013    Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay
2014    Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay

2015    Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay

2016    The Other Art Fair, Sydney

2016    Art2Muse End of Year Exhibition


Verity Roberts’ artworks are held in private collections in Australia; USA; France; Italy; New Zealand; Mexico; Scotland; and the UK.



2006 – 2010    Annette Pringle – Mixed media courses

2010                Daniella Woolf Encaustic Workshop – Brisbane

2011                Eschwan Winding , San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2012                San Antonio School of Art, Texas – 4 workshops at EncausticCon San Antonio

2012                Rae Miller – Encaustic on paper, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2013                WaxWorksWest – Five Day Intensive Advanced – Santa Cruz, CA.

2013                EncastiCon Santa Fe NM – 5 workshops

2013                Paula Roland – Encaustic Monotypes & carbon lab – 4 day intensive, Santa Fe

2014                NAS Sydney – 4 day intensive with Shawna Moore

2016                10th International Encaustic Conference, Provincetown, MA, 4 workshops

2016                Lorraine Glassner, Intensive Layering 2 day workshop

2016                Corina Alvarazdelugo, Encaustic and Cyanotypes

2017                May – June 11th International Encaustic Conference, Provincetown, MA

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