Helena McConochie
Helena McConochie

Upcoming Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 3 – 16 September 2019


Helena McConochie’s large-scale oil paintings offer an exploration into the exquisite beauty, colour and contour of flowers. With 3 acres of rural garden and a passion for macro photography, Helena first photographs her floral subjects before reproducing them on canvas in contemporary and cropped compositions.

Using only white and three primary colours to form her palette, Helena builds up layers to achieve transparency and depth. The large scale draws the viewer in and allows them to become engrossed in the shape, form and fine texture that Helena portrays.

Helena is deeply influenced by the work of great Australian artist Margaret Olley who proclaimed, “Flowers can be appreciated by the viewer as just a flower, or can be explored deeper almost as a landscape.”

Helena has held numerous solo exhibitions and her work has reached Sydney commercial and residential markets. Her work can be found extensively in private collections and she produces a substantial number of commissions annually. Helena is also the Resident Artist at the maternity section of the Dubbo Base Hospital.



Helena McConochie’s exhibition Floriography explores the historic term defined as the ‘language of flowers’. Since as early as the Victorian Era, flowers and floral arrangements have been used in art, theatre, religion and daily life as symbolic objects that have the power to poetically express the ineffable. We continue to use flowers as gifts, ornaments and in gardens, with each selection imbued with meaning that extends beyond their rich beauty and scent. Helena depicts Peonies as an emblem for happy marriage and prosperity; Poppies for eternal sleep, oblivion and imagination; and Hydrangeas for thanks and understanding, and boastfulness.


Solo Exhibitions

2018 Floriography at Art2Muse Gallery Double Bay, Sydney (October)

2017   ARTesian at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney (September/October)

2016   enLIGHTen at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney (September/October)

2016    Pick of The Bunch at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney (January/February)

2015    Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney (September)

2015    Roses Vs Peonies at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney (January/February)

2014    Bleu et Blanc Fleurs at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney (August)

2014    Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney (January/February)

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