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Clare Brodie has been a finalist in numerous Australian art prizes and held her first solo exhibition in 2017. She has been featured in publications including the Sydney Morning Herald and Inside Out Magazine, and her works are held in private collections.

Clare Brodie’s painting practice stems from meditative walks she takes through her local bushland. She draws a sense of peace by deciphering and simplifying the complexities of both the bush and her life. Her works abstractly depict narratives of these walks, where she is looking between the sculptural bush to the sky beyond.


Brightest of Days

Brightest of Days is a series of works that explore the winter landscape observed while on holiday in Orange.

Australia is a country that celebrates summer, however our brightest day is in fact a winter day with liquid blue sky and shimmering foliage.

I did preliminary water colour sketches made on location to record my emotional response to the landscape and light. This helps build the pictorial language repeated throughout the series. Within my studio, canvases begin with vague pencil sketches and free flowing washes. Layers of matte vinyl paint are built up slowly using flat, wide brushes. Vigilant observation leads to incremental adjustments in an obsessive manner. Artworks progress slowly; each new shape altering what went before to create an overall rhythmic harmony.

Recurrent themes of roads and trees, paring back the detail and repeating forms, creates a physical sense of order and harmony for me. Small vignettes are deliberately placed at the edges of the painting to lead the viewer’s eye outwards and beyond. My signature neutral palette is brightened by a combination of intensely saturated colours, often using complimentary schemes. White is intentionally placed to lead the viewer’s eye through the painting.
These works continue my exploration into observational art where purposeful scale and placement creates semi-abstract artworks that still time.


Solo Exhibitions

2019    ‘Brightest of Days’ at Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney

2018    ‘Between and Beyond’ at Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney

2017     ‘Pathway’ 16-26 Feb at Saint Cloche, Sydney


Group Exhibitions and Art Prizes

2019 KAAF finalist

2019 Hornsby Art Prize

2019 Northern Beaches Art Prize finalist

2019 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize ‘Wherever You Go I’ll Go To’ finalist

2019 Lindfield Art Show

2019 alumNOW Art Group Exhibition

2018 Hornsby Art Prize Finalist

2018 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize finalist ‘Woven Leaves’

2017 Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize finalist ‘Last of the Summer Light’

2016   W-Gallery exhibition

2016  Lindfield Art Show- Feature Artist

2016  Mosman Art Prize finalist Diptych ‘Bush Canopy”

2016  Kilgour Art Prize finalist ‘Watching’

2016  City of Ryde Women’s Art Prize finalist ‘Summer Canopy’

2016  alumNOW Art Group Exhibition ‘Dappled Pathway’ & ‘Which Way’

2016  Gordon Group Art exhibition

2016  Balmain Arts and Crafts Show

2016  alumNOW Art Group Exhibition- ‘Which Way’ & ‘Dappled Pathway’

2015  Hornsby  Art Prize finalist ‘Dappled Light-Lake Tabourie’

2015  Gordon Group Art exhibition ‘Exploration-Lake Tabourie’

2015  Warringah  Art Prize finalist ‘Distant Field Polesden Lacy’

2015  Kogarah  Art Prize  finalist ‘Beach Road-Lake Tabourie’

2014  Kilgour Art Prize  finalist ‘Holiday’

2014  Mosman Art Prize  finalist ‘Journey’

2012  Mosman Art Prize finalist ‘Hush’

2012  alumNOW Art Group Exhibition ‘Bird Tree’



2017 September ‘Inside Out’ magazine artist profile

2017  May ‘Financial Review’ artwork with Australian cricketer Eddie Cowan

2017  March ‘The North Shore Times’ Feature Artist for Lindfield Art Show

2016  ‘Newcastle Herald’ – Kilgour Art Prize Finalists

2016  ‘SMH’, Spectrum, The Source by Alexia Big feature  ‘Bush Canopy’

2016  ‘The North Shore Times’ featured ‘Evening Light’ for W-Gallery



2006  National Art Summer School, Botanica Exotica- Suzan Archer

2004-2005  Workshop Arts Centre, Acrylic Painting

2003  National Art Summer School, Master Class in Painting – Adam Cullen

1987-1988  Interior Design (Credit), Sydney Technical College


Please note: Clare Brodie’s paintings for her upcoming exhibition are available to pre-purchase

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