Catherine Cassidy
Catherine Cassidy

Catherine Cassidy was one of fifty artists selected worldwide by Art Platform New York City for promotion both by exhibition and in print at Art Basel Miami in December 2016 and also at New York Art Expo in April 2017.

Catherine’s paintings were recently exhibited at Progress Gallery, Paris, France. She was invited by the French painter Claire Colin-Collin to exhibit work highlighting “the intuitive response in painting”.

“Catherine Cassidy has a great audacity with colour and mark, both tough and delicious. We can see the joy of the hand, the deliberation of erasure: she is never afraid, not afraid of mistakes or prettiness, nor of awkwardness or of being child-like.”- Claire Colin- Collin November 2017

Educated at Melbourne’s RMIT and the National Art School Sydney, Catherine Cassidy holds a Master of Fine Arts in Painting (2011). She has lived and travelled in the UK, Spain, Europe, Los Angeles , New York and Japan. The artist’s work is represented in state and national awards and acquisitions. Catherine investigates the emotive power of colour and mark to re-present elemental, natural forces. This exploration takes her to many diverse and remote areas, including California’s Mojave Desert and Australia’s central deserts and arid regions. “I can never be sure that any of what I see out there in these places is real. So much of it is ephemeral and ruinous and weird. It is forming and re-forming all the time. The ravages of time are so visible and the uncertainty of form works well for abstraction. It seems you only have to sit and look and you’re half-way there. Painting is one way of holding it still long enough to find out what makes it tick.


miao miao – Catherine Cassidy, October 2017

I enjoy paint. The material stuff of it and how it is both biddable and defiant.

Endlessly pushing it around on the end of a stick, it always surprises and enchants me.

It helps me to engineer events and mistakes and  catapults me away into new territory, away from what I already know or recognise. 

This series ‘miao miao’, focuses on the use of gold paint.

Within the history of painting, this pigment has a long and precious status associated with the making of religious icons. It has always been more than just a colour. I like the idea that I can now throw it around with hedonistic abandon like any other paint but that these landscape works, while new kids on the block,  also carry some of this old, iconic memory.

The title of the show comes from the Chinese word ‘miao’, loosely translating as ‘natural/wonderful’ and it neatly sums up how I feel about the natural world and painting itself.



Born: Ballarat, Victoria


RMIT – Graphic Design Melbourne
St. George Art College

2010 Master of Fine Art in Painting from The National Art School Sydney

Recent Solo Exhibitions

2017 Art2Muse Gallery ‘miao miao’

2016    Crawford Gallery Sydney ‘DeepField’

2015    Art2Muse Gallery Sydney ‘Underneath a Plain Thing’
2014    Art2Muse Gallery Sydney ‘SUPERNatural’
2014    Chapter House Lane Gallery Melbourne ‘Calling’
Earlier solo shows include Ann Snell Gallery Sydney, National Art School Project Space, 2006/2007 Sara Roney Gallery Sydney ‘Paintings from Lake Mungo’, ‘South Coast Paintings’ and ‘Finke River Series’ and ArtSydney Independent Artists Showcase ‘New Paintings’.

Recent Group Exhibitions

2017  Paddington Art Prize for Landscape Sydney

2017    Despard Gallery Hobart ‘At Bull Bay’ Bruny Island Residency Artists

2016    Paddington Art Prize for Landscape Sydney

2015    Paddington Art Prize for Landscape Sydney

2015    Galeria Guillia ‘The Kangaroos Visit’ Rome

2015    ‘Art and the Land’ Kogarah Cultural Centre

2015    Kogarah Art Prize at Kogarah Cultural Centre

2014    National Works on Paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

2014    Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery

2013    Low Relief, Damien Minton Gallery Sydney

2013    Depot 2, Danks Street Sydney Story Factory

2012    Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery

Earlier group shows include Mary Place Gallery (Lake Eyre and Beyond), 2010  Paddington Art Prize,  Australian Contemporary Artists Ann Snell Gallery Sydney, 2010/2009 NSW Parliament House Plein-Air Painting Prize, 2001/2005/2007 Hazelhurst Regional Gallery Mungo: Interpreting Land, 2000/2004/2006 Portia Geach Portrait Award S.H.Ervin Gallery Sydney and the Art Gallery of New South Wales Dobell Drawing Prize

Awards & Acquisitions

2017 Paddington Art Prize Finalist and Winner of the Sofala Cottage Prize Residency

2016 Paddington Art Prize Finalist

2015 Paddington Art Prize Finalist and Winner of the Sofala Cottage Prize Residency
2015 Kogarah Art Prize Finalist

2014 Mosman Art Prize Finalist

2014 Permanent Collection of Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery from National Works on Paper
2014/2016 Collection of Westfield

2012 Mosman Art Prize Finalist

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