Tanya Linney
Tanya Linney

Tanya Linney’s new works titled “NOW” are a study in new beginnings and a resistance towards time. Through the use of both layering and deconstruction of images, clothing and photography in her paintings, Linney creates a friction between the past and the future.

Linney’s past works have explored notions of fantasy and role play, sexual exploitation and identity, female idealism and repression. These new works are a play on polarities as they fluctuate between figurative and abstraction, the past and the future, order and chaos and darkness and lightness. She describes these paintings as a gothic/pop/magical hybrid that is a journey of liberation, transformation, texture, colour and humour.

This is Linney’s fifth solo show, she has exhibited successfully at various galleries including Blank Space, Mary Place Gallery, Global Gallery and China Heights Gallery. After she completed a Diploma in Visual Art at the School of Colour and Design, Linney has gone on to collaborate with leading designers including Kirrily Johnston, Dion Lee, Sass and Bide and Toni Maticevski on various projects that have been shown in Australia and New York City. She is currently completing a Fine Arts Degree at The National Art School.

“I am interested in what’s leftover when we peel away the layers of facade. This show is about letting the light into the moments of chance in our lives and blossoming from them, it’s a resistance to fear and a celebration of the flux of life. A new sense and /or dimension of reality in the now “-Tanya Linney

Australian born artist Tanya Linney began her love for photography, drawing and collage as a teenager. However a career in fashion meant that she spent the next 15 years travelling and experiencing the world through fashion eyes.

After her days as a model, she studied design at The School Of Colour and Design and embarked on her creative journey. Her first exhibition, Flasher, was held at Blank Space in Sydney in 2005 and was well received by her critics and peers.

Since then, Linney has gone on to collaborate with leading designers including Kirrily Johnston, Sass and Bide and Ksubi on various projects that have been shown in Australia and New York City , as well as exhibiting solo shows along the way progressing in mediums from photography to paint . In 2011, she collaborated with Dion Lee, who used her art on fabrics for his collection, and then with Insight for their ‘Untitled’ campaign featuring a series of installations from various artists.

Linney’s work explores the notion of reality and how we are lost in a space called fantasy. ‘The idea that humans don’t like reality, that we are programmed to choose impossible proportions both physically and psychologically not only reads in our modern culture but through history’. In her work she uses dolls and mannequins in real life situations to create a social commentary around the culturally accepted norms of body image and the celebrity obsession within society. Linney’s mannequins investigate the authenticity in today’s society of pop culture and perfection, the images expose the anxieties faced by women.

Sexual exploitation, female idealism, repression, age, beauty and role-playing all have their own important place in her work. Linney’s experience as both a model and a woman create a reflective authentic effect in all her work, giving her first-hand insight into the business of selling sex, self-image and materialism.

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Exhibition “Now” at Art2Muse Gallery, Double Bay, Sydney

2014 China Heights
July 2014
“Tales of Tempt”
China Heights Gallery

November 2012
“Uproar” Young Artists group show
Art Equity

October 2010
“Morphic Distortions “
Global Gallery

June 2008
Mary Place Gallery, Sydney

April 2008
‘High St Festival’ collaboration
High St, Melbourne

February 2007
‘Young Artists’
Kingswood, New York City

August 2005
Blank Space Gallery, Sydney

School of Colour and Design
Visual Art and Textiles

Living and working abroad in fashion
New York City, Paris, London, Berlin

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