Kirsten Jackson
Kirsten Jackson

Upcoming Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 20 February – 5 March 2018

Kirsten Jackson

A passionate artist since childhood, Melbourne based artist, Kirsten Jackson, studied Visual Arts at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and has gone on to have a flourishing and fulfilling art career.

For the last 15 years Kirsten has worked as a professional artist, concentrating, predominantly on abstraction. Her career has followed an impressive upward trajectory, collecting a notable array of Australian art awards and highly commended prizes along the way.

Her international standing and profile were consolidated in 2014 with sell out shows in London and Singapore. Kirsten also exhibited and was enthusiastically received in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

She has featured in many publications, including Home Beautiful Magazine, the Sun Herald and Modern Home Magazine.

Artist Statement

My main motivation is to portray the inherent beauty and harmony that exists in the inter-relationship of colour, composition and form.

I like to work on several pieces simultaneously and my process involves building up layers of materials and textures. My initial layers are thin and fluid, inks and watercolours, as the paintings progress I move into thicker paints, acrylics, varnishes and glazes. I even have a fondness for house paints! I love the way the work builds, it is an art in itself to know when the piece is complete.

Time is a crucial element of my works. I will take an artwork which I think is finished, into my home and live with it for a few weeks. This way the painting gets to tell me if it is complete, if I need to add or subtract any element. Painting and waiting if you will.

The challenges of composition and palette are paramount when working in abstraction, as there is nowhere to hide, no figuration to divert attention from the purity of the application of paint. This sheer act of application is the nexus of my creative motivation. It is the love of the media and the colour that propels the brush.

I start from an open place within, just as I start with a blank canvas. I avoid a self- conscious intention. Abstraction for me, is a way to communicate the ineffable. Colours carry emotion, capture and reflect light. The way the colours exist together, side by side and in varying layers of transparency and opacity is my vehicle, my means towards a perception of visual delight, ease and harmony.

I strive for a sense of peace with my abstractions. Primarily I want these works to emanate a constant pulse of joy to and for the viewer. Then I know my work is done.

When not painting Kirsten pursues her other passions. Spending time with her family and running along the beach trails in Melbourne’s bayside area and training for marathons!

Selected Exhibitions

2016 Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery with Michael Bond

2015 London Affordable Art Show SELL OUT SHOW
2015 Hamburg Affordable Art show
2015 Singapore Art Show
2015 Stockholm Art show
2015 Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong
2015 Canterbury Art Show “FEATURE ARTIST”
2015 Without Pier Gallery Group Show
2014 London affordable art fair Battersea SELL OUT SHOW
2014 Amsterdam Art show
2014 Stockholm Art show
2014 Deringa art “Best mixed painting”
2014 Canterbury art show
2014 Singapore affordable art show
2014 Brussels Art show Brussels
2014 Milan Art Show Milan
2014 Hong Kong Art Show
2014 St Kevins Art show “Highly commended”
2014 Parade College Art Show ” Best oil painting”
2013 Red Hill Art Show
2013 Canterbury Art show
2013 Deringa Art Show
2013 Melbourne Art show
2013 St Kevins Art Show
2013 Cam Art
2013 Group Art show Without Pier Gallery
2013 Hong Kong Art Show
2012 Cyclone Gallery South Melbourne
2012 St Kevins Art show “HIGHLY COMMENDED”
2012 Deringa Art show “BEST MODERN” and “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN ART”
2012 Camberwell Art Show “HIGHLY COMMENDED”
2012 Without Pier Gallery group show2012 Red Hill Art Show
2012 Canterbury Art show
2011 Art2Muse Gallery double Bay Sydney
2011 Without pier Gallery Group show
2011 Canterbury Art show
2011 Hart Art show : “Best Contemporary Artwork”
2011 Camberwell Art show : “Highly Commended Award”
2010 Tusk Gallery group show
2010 Strathcona Art show
2010 St Kevins Art Show
2010 Solo Exibition Art2Muse Doulble Bay Sydney
2010 Canterbury Art show
2009 Strathcona Art Show
2009 Pink Lady Art Show Brighton
2009 Canterbury Art Show
2009 Melbourne Art
2008 Strathcona Art Show: “Best Contemporary award”
2008 Nexus Modern Art Gallery
2008 Canterbury Art Show
2008 Melbourne Art
2007 Melbourne Art
2007 Louey and Lane Group show2007 Ripponlea Art Show
2007 Canterbury Art Show
2007 Brighton Art Show
2007 Strathcona Art Show
2006 Black Rock Art Show
2005, 2006 Bayside Art Show
2006 Light House Foundation Art Show
2004, 2005, 2006 Canterbury Art Show
2005, 2006 Melbourne Art Fair


Rase at Watergos Hotel

Kirsten Jackson is available to commission paintings in a range of sizes

Once you have selected the colours and style you prefer, Kirsten will make a small sample and send it to the gallery so you can approve the colour and finish. The painting can be either in oil on canvas or oil on canvas with a high gloss resin surface to enhance the colours. As the painting will be sent from Melbourne there will be a small courier fee depending on the size of the painting you select and I can send you the courier quote before you proceed. Once you have accepted the sample and the courier quote there will be a 50% deposit for Kirsten to begin the painting.  She can have it ready in four to six weeks when we will send high resolution images true to colour to make sure you are happy with the finished painting before having it framed and delivered. The price includes framing which is either in a natural timber or white inset frame.

Download full profile PDF.