Gabriel Scanu
Gabriel Scanu

Gabriel Scanu is a 21 year old Instagram sensation who is the trailblazer for contemporary landscape photography thanks to his breathtaking aerial shots of iconic Australian landscapes and coastlines. His use of aerial photography to capture idyllic scenes from a bird’s-eye-view offer a fresh perspective on well-loved and photographed locations such as Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Mona Vale and other iconic coastlines on the countries East Coast. “I feel shooting from a top-down point of view is the most unique perspective as it is one that you don’t see every day and one that very few people have the opportunity to experience for themselves” he says.

The son of a cinematographer, Scanu has inherited a keen eye for photographic composition, capturing both the dramatic and the picturesque qualities of the Australian summer experience: “I tend to gravitate towards shooting the coastal landscapes as the colours and textures take a completely different form from what you get at ground level. Shooting from the sky for me is almost like creating a digital watercolour.”

Gabriel’s willingness to follow his artistic instinct to investigate the possibilities within previously unexplored terrain of landscape photography has led to the development of his own unique style that is now instantly recognisable on a global scale. “I think the most appealing aspect is the adrenaline and excitement of operating such an amazing piece of technology,” he says.

The acclaim with which Gabriel’s works have been received has secured his name as a pioneer of a new artistic medium.  “For me, actually shooting the landscape is just the first step in my creative process. What I do digitally to my images afterwards is what breaks the boundary between photography and art.” As a young artist with a keen sense of adventure, Gabriel Scanu is set to make waves with his bold and spectacular images which appeal to the free spirit within us all.

Gabriel’s striking images are now available as high-resolution archival quality photographs in white frames with non-reflective glass.



Medium image framed: 85 x 71cm (editions of 10) at $3,300

Panorama image framed: 65 x 158cm (editions of 3) at $5,500

Large image framed: 132 x 110cm (editions of 5) at $6,900

Showcase image framed: 203 x 158cm (one of one) at $14,500


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