Baden Croft
Baden Croft

Upcoming Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 1 Р14 May 2018


Artist Statement

Born in June 1996. Growing up on the coastal Mornington Peninsula meant a sincere appreciation for the natural environment, predominantly the ocean. As a keen surfer spending countless hours at beaches near and abroad, I developed an interest in wildlife (particularly marine life) from a young age. For me, the unpredictability of the ocean is a welcome escape from the often repetitive western society in which we live, and an inspiration for my art and life in general.

Surfing recently led me to venture overseas, exploring some of the best natural locations on the planet – from Morocco and Portugal, to the Philippines and Samoa. Each experience, whether culturally educational or character building, can become motivation for my creative outlet: painting. Oil painting is the art medium I chose to pursue in the later years of high school. The thick and fast application of vibrant colours used to produce my textural pieces provides personal, artistic and aesthetic satisfaction. I draw inspiration from the natural environment, fellow artists and observations of those who surround me, while sometimes exploring the concept of opposing the status quo.

– Baden Croft


Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery 2 – 15 May 2017

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